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DogTracks - Etchells Jib Track Support Mouldings

DogTracks - Etchells Jib Track Support Mouldings


Released in July 2020, these mouldings allows you fit your own hardware to achieve tighter sheeting angles on your Etchells.


  • Product Features

    • Achieve a tighter sheeting angle on your etchells - into 7 degrees off centreline
    • Allows wide sheeting also - out to 12 degrees
    • Jib will retain very similar twist and camber through the entire range of the track. 
    • Low profile design, with aerodynamic styling - the track follows the camber of the cuddy as it goes outboard
    • Lightweight but very stiff and stable - each moulded item weighs only 300 grams
    • Complies with Etchells class rules, which stipulate that recessing into the shape of the deck for the sheeting of sails is disallowed.
    • 12 Month structural warranty
  • Downloads

    Full installation instructions available for an additional fee of £100.00. This is 10-pages long and is fully dimensioned. The manual also gives advice on under-deck systems and ratio of purchases.

    This manual comes free-of-charge with the Etchells Jib Track System (full assembly) but not with the above, Etchells Jib Track Support Mouldings. 

    Note, the geometry of deck-top fittings is critical to achieving the same  jib camber and twist through the range of the track. Placing these fittings in different locations to what is advised will result in differing trim characteristics when the jib car is moved and thus risks taking away one of the best features of this system.

  • Got A Question?

    Got a question about this Etchell part? Get in touch with us today.

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