Professional Coaching from Andrew Palfrey

Throughout the many decades of my sailing career, I have really enjoyed my ability to help others realise their full potential, whilst also focusing on helping to create an enjoyable learning environment. I have been coaching elite level sailing teams since 2003.

I spent three years as Head Coach for the Artemis America’s Cup Team in the 34th America’s Cup. More recently, I have been lucky enough to have coached World Championship winning teams in several one-design keelboat classes - Farr40’s, Farr30’s, RC44’s, Etchells and the Star. I also helped guide an 18ft skiff team to success at the highest level.

In 2018 and 2019, I had a great span of clients from a 100ft superyacht with 26 professional crew, to a 20 foot one-design J70. So I am very comfortable in a group setting with a large and diverse team or a close-knit group of just a couple of people.

I consider myself an all-rounder as a coach. As I do sail myself in parallel to the coaching,  it is a constant reminder of the empathy required in the coaching of sailors.  What do sailing teams and sailors need to hear from a coach and when do they need to hear it? To repeat a phrase told to me recently "A good coach should trouble the comfortable , and comfort the troubled". Suffice to say that I consider the coaching of sailors part art and part science. It continues to fascinate me.

So whether you want to beat the local rockstar who's been beating you every week in the sailing club or are trying to win a World Championship, get in touch today.

Or for convenient and cost effective professional coaching, why not use the state of the art online platform, SLOCOACH and send in your video to me today to analyse.

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