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Find out more about the UK Built 5.5 Metres


As of early 2023, we have completed three new International 5.5 Metre yachts in the UK. We are blessed to be have in our team some incredibly talented and experienced people.

Our design team includes David Hollom, Steve Quigley, Suzy Russell and Tom Schnackenberg. Included in our aero team are our in-house sail designer and maker Sam Haines, as well as David Lenz, Ruairidh Scott (both North Sails) and Richard Bouzaid (Doyle Sailmakers).

Our highly skilled boatbuilding team is headed up by Gavin Tappenden (Composite Craft, UK) and David Heritage (David Heritage Racing Yachts). Our spar designers and manufacturers are Heol Composites (France).

We rely upon accurate information from our time on the water. This feeds back into continual improvement and developments. We use Diverse Performance Systems for the advice, supply and installation of our electrical equipment, instrumentation, displays and sensors.

The projects have been led and managed by Peter Morton and Andrew Palfrey.

Resulting from initial discussions after the Sydney worlds in early 2020 and during the early period of the pandemic lockdown, both GBR 41 and 42 were built through 2021. Both boats won the prestigious Alpen Cup on Lake Garda in successive years (2021 and 2022) in their respective racing debuts.

GBR 42 then went on to sweep both the historic Scandinavian Gold Cup and the 2022 International 5.5 Metre World Championship in Hanko, Norway. The first British team ever to win both trophies during their long and colourful history.

If you are interested in further information, including a quotation, please get in contact with me.

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