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Project Managemnt Services from Andrew Palfrey

Project Management Services

Given my diverse background in engineering, boat-building and elite sailing, I'm uniquely positioned to offer services for overseeing boat-building or refurbishment projects on behalf of clients.

I have always had a passion for making boats go faster and helping teams perform to their potential. This extends to the design and installation of hardware systems.

Over the past three decades, I have managed the build and optimisation of dozens of new yachts all over the globe.

5.5 Metre Class

In recent years I have been fortunate to become involved in the design, construction and optimisation of International 5.5 Metre class yachts. My friend and fellow Cowes resident Peter “Morty” Morton engaged me to oversee the development of two new 5.5 Metre yachts in Cowes, during the pandemic.

After an exhaustive study in 2020 involving an international team of yachting design greats. As well as CFD analysis of candidate designs (where computer generated models of hulls and appendages are virtually sailed in a "virtual sea" at a range of speeds and heel angles to measure forces and drag), we launched into milling a mould in Spain for a David Hollom design and having the boat built in pre-preg S-Glass by Gavin Tappenden of Composite Craft in Cowes. Soon after - Morty (being Morty) decided to build the 2nd best candidate (and more of an all-rounder within the rule). 

The second boat was a design from Steve Quigley of Sydney and was built in strip-plank-cedar over computer cut frames at David Heritage Racing Yachts in Cowes. David Heritage commented "Building in cedar-core produces a lovely boat. Incredibly stiff, lightweight and very fair. In a class like the 5.5 Metre, where you have restrictions on panel weight, the cedar-core construction is not a compromise to stiffness, weight or ultimate performance. It is also the most cost-effective way to build a one-off design to a very high level.”

We commissioned new spars from Heol Composites - a very high-end carbon composite manufacturer in Vannes, France.

So, there we were in the depths of the UK covid lockdown with travel shut down and the marine industry at a stand-still. But in Cowes - and with huge thanks to Morty - a small and privileged group of us had loads to do and an outlet for our creativity in crafting these lovely boats and spars from scratch.

In the Quigley boat we won on our first outing at Lake Garda in the 2021 Alpen Cup. This was 100% validation of the CFD and VPP analysis. It was also of huge credit to all involved across our wider team of designers, builders, mast-builders, sail-makers and sailors. It also provided a great platform for the testing and development on the water for the Hollom design.

We sailed the Hollom boat for the 2022 season. We did three regattas and won them all. The Alpen Cup, the prestigious and historic Scandinavian Gold Cup and last but by no means least, the 2022 World Championship.

The Hollom has since been sold to our Norwegian friends and we are currently (as at Jan 2023) building a new Hollom design from the same mould.


Read more about the three International 5.5 Metre yachts built in the UK.

Etchells Class

For many years I have helped owners extract the best performance from International Etchells class yachts. With new-builds this involves visits to the builder at critical times to ensure alignments are perfect and weight is in all the right places, as per class rules. Whilst the class is very lucky to have great and passionate craftsmen as their licensed builders, it never hurts to make absolutely certain the boat is spot-on. I have also overseen rejuvenation of older boats so they can compete without compromise. Check out my various Etchells projects below. 


If you have any questions or want any more information, please get in contact with me.

1506 - 2022 Heritage - Peter Duncan

1472 - 2019 Heritage - Mark Johnson

1453 - 2018 Ontario - Peter Duncan

1460 - 2018 Heritage - Man's Best Friend