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The Evolution of Sailboat Coaching

Over the past six months, the landscape of both professional sailing and coaching has changed significantly. Most people haven't been able to get out racing as much and very few events have even been happening, but what hasn't changed is peoples thirst for knowledge and wanting to improve.

“Throughout the recent lock-down with travel essentially ceasing, I have been busy responding to sailing friends and clients with an appetite for sailing knowledge but the inability to go out sailing. So I have been doing a lot of remote coaching, something I've been doing for a few years anyway. I've helped teams remotely in Australia, the USA, Asia and Europe but it's been fairly ad-hoc and also quite time consuming. Than a few months back I became aware of SLOCOACH and the fit came at a perfect time.

“The SLOCOACH platform is very impressive and it's not about one-size-fits-all, generic

advice. It provides me with the analysis tools to deliver high-quality feedback to sailors in a very convenient, professional and innovative format. The sessions I've done with sailors so far have been enjoyable and satisfying. It's great to have a tool with a wide reach, where sailors from anywhere and at any level, have such easy access to top coaching. Anything that helps sailors to be their best and to enjoy the process of improving, has got to be good for the sport of sailing.

“Whilst SLOCOACH has been conceived to help people at all levels from all across the world, two earlier adopters are a team of double-handed high profile sailors. Double Olympic gold medallist Shirley Robertson needs no introduction. She has recently embarked on a double-handed sailing campaign with Henry Bomby and asked for some guidance on the set up of their Sunfast 3300 keelboat. Paul Ward is the reigning J70 World Champion and is embarking on an Etchells campaign. He too has already seen the benefit of the SLOCOACH platform.”

Below are some quotes from the sailors about the experience -

Paul Ward - "Great analysis. Andrew always explains in great details, works incredibly hard on each session and makes all of the time we spend together useful and relevant. Huge amount of knowledge, great communicator. Coaching right at the top of our sport and always has time to help!"

Shirley Robertson - “By far the best 100 bucks we've ever spent..... We could have gone through all season trying to find the best way forward on our own. Dog is unquestionably THE supercoach, one of the most sought after coaches at the very top end of the game. His help was clear and engaging, full of personal experience and anecdotes yet also really analytical in his approach. There was no 'waffle' and he left us with definitive next steps....we'll be back!!”

There are several coaching sessions available through the platform. These include specific skills like helming, starts and manoeuvres to an open session for a set price of AUS$100 or around €60. There's also a racing bundle, which gives you 3 sessions with a $50 discount.

So whether you want to win against the local rockstar who's been beating you every week in the sailing club or are trying to win a World Championship, check out for convenient and cost effective professional coaching using a state of the art platform.

Check out SLOCOACH in action -


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