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Q&A on the Installation of the Mast Partner Collar

Question -

As you know, I bought one of your Mast Partner Collars, and I am trying to assess how to set it so I get the maximum benefit from it. I have a new mast, and I'd like to optimize the setup.

Do you have suggestions?

Answer -

From a fore-aft perspective. I like the mast gate to be toward the aft end of the 20mm tolerance, which is measured from Point A - the very point of the bow.

Have a look at the screenshot from the 1453.

From side-to-side, I level the boat, using the trailing edge of the keel as the datum plane for establishing level. It is best done with a laser light level. And you will need a car jack for the trailer.

Once level, I then use a plumb-bob string device to plumb down to the exact middle of the I-beam (pre-mark a centreline on the i-beam and hold the string at deck level at the front or back of the mast hole) when the point of the plumb-bob is sitting exactly over the centreline, place a mark on the deck for where the string is being held. This is the athwart-ship centre of your new gate.

Finally, when the boat is still level, hold a reliable spirit level on the I-beam in an athwart-ship orientation. Hopefully it is level. If not, use feeler gauges or similar very thin packers (like thin card, or paper) to establish a measurement of how far the surface is out of level by. This amount will need to be factored when cutting and filing the bottom of your new rig. This cut needs to be really accurate in an athwartship plane. If not, you will struggle to get the rig looking straight when it comes under load.

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