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Coaching the Cowes Etchells Fleet on the Solent

As competitive sailing was allowed to resume in the UK in early August, I held a coached racing day in brilliant conditions on the Solent for the Cowes Etchells fleet. Given it was the first proper outing of this weird 2020 year, I was super-impressed with the level of the racing, particularly by the three youth teams in attendance. The opportunities provided for up and coming keelboat sailors in the Cowes Etchells Fleet by the likes of David Franks, David Bedford and Graham Sunderland is quite inspiring. I am more than pleased to help out when and where I can.

We completed 4 x 1 lap races and then a final upwind race back to the barn in Cowes. I put together a pictorial report for the fleet. For those interested, you will find the report below . A big thanks to my partner in crime for the day, Mr Roger Reynolds for the high-level banter and mark-laying assistance.

Download the Cowes Etchells fleet report (6.7MB)


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