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A Note From a Small Island

Updated: Mar 26, 2020

So... an intensely busy few months (in sunny and warm places) over the winter has ground to a sudden halt due to the virus and the associated measures being put in place by respective governments.

Whilst our lifestyle has changed for now, and the sailing and coaching work has taken a big hit, with events being cancelled, it does free up plenty of time to catch up on life, spend time with loved ones and reflect on all sorts of things.

Something I'd like to turn into a reality is to see local racing on the Solent continue. We have RIBs, marks, radios and experience. So long as regulations allow AND so long as there are like-minded sailors who are keen, I'll make it happen. I feel it is important to be positive and for people to look forward to doing something they enjoy (within the laws, regulations and guidelines of course). More news on that soon.

Over the next while, I will also be investing time into my Sailing.Dog website, particularly in the blog area with more how-to video's and articles, as well as some interviews. Please do come back to me with any questions or articles/videos you would like to see.

Finally, as the weather here in the UK clears (and when I am not riding my bike) I will pull the cover off my Etchells "Man's Best Friend" and change a couple of systems to implement things we learnt whilst racing in Miami. More on that in a blog post next week. Hopefully there are a bunch of you out there also investing some quality time tinkering on your respective vessels.

Stay healthy and look after those around you.


Andrew Palfrey

Founder of Sailing.Dog


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