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Whale Spars are the market-leading licensed mast-builder for the Etchells class. Based north of Sydney in Australia, Whale Spars have wide experience in the design and manufacture of aluminium masts, dating back to when America’s Cup and Grand Prix yachts were using alloy spars.

Each section of extrusion is carefully scrutinised prior to selection for manufacture. The design and detailing of a Whale Spars Etchells mast is a level above what has ever been seen in the class before.

The welded taper is meticulous. It’s evidence of the dedication to “quality before quantity”.

A unique approach to the heat-treatment process ensures a smooth, even bend from butt to tip.

Whale Spars were the first builder to perfect the “swinging spreader” design, to a point where it is completely reliable and durable.

Andrew Palfrey represents Whale Spars in both the USA and Europe. Andrew commented “I only work with products that I would use myself. I had tested 14 masts during 2018. The scatter of bend measurement data is incredibly tight and the masts sections are definitely on the stiffer end of the historical range. I can see many areas where the spar has been given a lot of thought. And like the rest of the boat, and indeed the game of sailboat racing itself, it’s all the little things that add up to being a big difference. Whale Spars are not only full committed to quality, but they are very progressive and open to new ideas and development. I’m enjoying the relationship. Being a metal-worker by trade myself, it is enjoyable working with the team at Whale Spars to keep offering the very best products to the Etchells membership”.

For price, please contact Andrew Palfrey directly. Prices do change between clients as currency fluctuate and shippings costs.

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