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Boomvang Lever Assembly

Boomvang Lever Assembly


Finger-tip control of Etchells boomvang

  • Product Features

    • Tried and tested product since mid-2017
    • The vang is a critical control on an Etchells, not dissimilar to the Star and Finn classes
    • …but for it to work effectively, the traditional block-and-tackle system creates so much friction, that it is very hard to pull on in a breeze and will not self-ease in lighter winds
    • The vang lever is incredibly efficient, delivering 5:1 power with no friction. Coupling together with a simple 4:1 cascading rope system, the power delivered is in excess of 32:1 block-and-tackle system.
    • Lightweight, but durable and reliable.
    • Can be fitted simply to new and old boats alike
    • Lever manufactured from the 6000 series aluminium
    • Bearing material is made from Iglidur-Tribo-Tape high-performance plastic
    • Pivot-hole is bushed with  Iglidur high-performance plastic
    • Supplied with M10 fastener and comprehensive installation instructions
    • Designed, manufactured and assembled in the UK by Andrew Palfrey
    • Full product warranty
  • Downloads

    Download the assembly guide for the Boomvang Lever (452KB).

  • Got A Question?

    Got a question about this Etchell part? Get in touch with us today.

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