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Jib Track System Development

Updated: May 30, 2020

More Etchells development and work that can't be done from home. Superb sailing on the Solent yesterday.

The new jib track system has worked out really well. Finger-tip control of the sail all the way inboard and outboard. Was a great step forward after many hours invested into the geometry. Satisfying to persevere and make progress each time we sail. Able to sheet a standard jib, despite the track on top of the cuddy and maintain camber and twist as we move the car in and out with one line.

Also finally conquered the mast lever auto-release and retrieval (with backstay coarse-tune as a trigger). It has never worked to my satisfaction. But it is perfect now.

My crew-mate, the socially-distanced Ante Razmilovic and I set-up an auto pilot (we basically tied off the tiller with shock cord) and sailed downwind using body weight and sail trim to steer the boat and catch waves. The boat felt great. Very productive drill.

Finally, with the 5.5mtr hiking harness on, I have never been so comfortable hiking on an Etchells.

Thanks Graham Sunderland and Winning Tides for the support, observations and wonderful pics.

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