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Are You a Mamil Too?

Now, for something completely different - I was contacted by the esteemed Editor of Sailing World Magazine, Dave Reed, late last year, regarding a feature on sailors that ride bikes. Turns out cycling is the second biggest interest, outside of sailing, for his readership.

I do love my cycling but I tried to convince him that perhaps they ought to focus on somebody younger and faster than me, who spends more time focused on cycling (as opposed to a busy and ageing battler like myself). He said “Nope - you’re perfect!”.

The resultant article was published in the winter edition. Dave sent me a copy of the magazine. I must say, I am mightily impressed with the range of relevant articles in the magazine and have since subscribed.

Download and read the article that appeared in the Sailing World Magazine (1.6MB). Check out the Sailing World website.


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