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Another Lockdown Means Another Gadget Taking Shape

Updated: Dec 3, 2020

Another UK lockdown means more creativity from the man-cave. See here my new concept for an Etchells class spreader bracket taking shape. Precision-milled from a solid block of 6000-series alloy. This is the third evolution of prototyping.

Phase 1 tested the general concept and was 3D printed in plastic. Phase 2 was custom machined in alloy and race-tested successfully all season on my boat "Man's Best Friend". This final phase is all about refinement in all areas, including aerodynamically. The main benefits will be dimensional consistency and marrying perfectly to the spreader arm for reliable adjusting without any weight penalty. It will also lower the cost for sailors when compared to the existing labour-intensive hand-made stainless steel alternatives. I'd rather be sailing, but this is enjoyable as well.


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