Swinging Spreader Bracket Assembly

Swinging Spreader Bracket Assembly


High quality assembly of parts that can be fitted to a mast of and make, model or age

  • Product Features

    • The benefits of swinging spreaders are primarily downwind
    • The spreaders being able to swing forward, as they will when the mast is in downwind orientation, gives the following benefits:
      • looser cap-shrouds, resulting in more side-bend (cleaning up mainsail shape)
      • non-restriction on mast inversion (allowing mast tip to be further forward).
      • less imprint of the leeward spreader and shroud on the mainsail (providing sail with a cleaner shape)
    • Spreaders automatically revert back to aft rake for the upwind leg (as backstay and mainsheet is applied)
    • Spreaders have the abilty to be set to a range of upwind rakes
    • Spreader band supplied blank (no mounting holes) - designed to be drilled on-site, to match existing holes in the mast
    • Designed to be strong, durable and reliable
    • Co-designed by Whale Spars Australia and Andrew Palfrey
    • Price on application, dependant on currency rates and delivery costs
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