Cyclops Marine Gateway

Cyclops Marine Gateway


With the addition of a Cyclops Marine Gateway and cable (included), our devices feed data to most modern marine electronics, so you can view load data from anywhere on your boat on your existing on-board displays. It is designed to plug directly into displays or electronics configuration and is waterproof to IP54 rating for mounting below deck or on the forward bulkhead within 8m of load sensor(s) (we recommend the addition of a Dome Antenna for longer range). Up to 50 sensors can be connected, data can be logged and downloaded for analysis, and exported for use with sailing analytics software. 

  • Your On-Board Electronics?

    Why do we need this information?
    The brand and model of your on-board systems dictates a small variation in the cable we send with your Gateway.


    Please select the from dropdown above which brand and model of on-board system you are using - 



    Chartplotters & Displays: Vulcan, Zeus³, Triton², Nemesis Processors: H5000 and associated displays


    Displays: Element 7, 10, Ink. Processors: E4


    GPSMAP chart plotters, GMI20, GNX120, GNX130




    please select this option and specify below - please note the Gateway is currently incompatible with Garmin GNX21 , B&G Triton T41, RaceGeek d10, Vakaros Altas & Raymarine Chartplotters & Displays.

  • Add Dome Antenna? *

    We recommend the addition of a Dome Antenna if you are planning to install your Gateway more than 8m from load sensor(s), or if your boat’s hull construction is primarily carbon fibre (as carbon fibre is a very effective blocker of wireless signals). The Dome Antenna simply screws onto the Gateway in place of your original antenna. The cable plugs into your Gateway below deck, allowing the antenna itself to be installed on-deck in line-of-sight of sensors, for unobstructed connection.

    Please select yes or no from the drop down above.

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