Adjustable Mast Step

Adjustable Mast Step


Used - Computer designed and CNC milled Etchells adjustable mast step. Fully re-furbished with new bearings and re-lubed

  • Product Features

    • Used in developing the product
    • As good as new, fully re-furbished with new bearings and re-lubed
    • The perfect upgrade for an older boat
    • Also highly recommended for any new boat-build
    • Up until now, all Etchells mast steps have been a combination of cast-alloy shoes and fabricated steps
    • ….most of these fittings allow asymmetric rotation and inaccuracies with regard to centrelines and levels
    • This new product has zero-rotation and is precision machined.
    • The surface of the shoe is the maximum allowable height (25mm), ensuring maximum forward rake for downwind sailing
    • Mast shoe is compatible with all current Etchells mast extrusions
    • Comparable weight to previous designs
    • Drainage holes, allowing trapped water to escape
    • Manufactured from the 6000 series aluminium and 316 stainless steel
    • Aluminium parts are precision milled from solid block and hard-coat anodised
    • Bearing material is made from Iglidur-Tribo-Tape high-performance plastic
    • Supplied with a ratchet spanner, attachment fasteners and comprehensive installation instructions
    • Manufactured and assembled in the UK by Andrew Palfrey
    • Full product warranty
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